What to expect

We are neighbors and friends trying to follow Jesus together. So when you join us on Sunday, here’s what you can expect: 

Let’s break down a normal Sunday experience in a series of movements:
1. Table testimony:

Each table will have a leader that helps guide the group in answering one of these questions:

Understanding who Jesus is and what He has done is the beginning of worship, and in answering these two questions, we connect this to our daily lives.

2. Worship through song: 

This is more like what you may have experienced in the past, we take time to reflect and bring the week into perspective in a variety of ways like; singing songs together, reading scripture aloud or practicing talking to Jesus about what’s on our minds. 

We do this as a way to acknowledge Christ in our lives.

3. Shared word:

This will feel more like a Bible study than anything. We will read this week’s passage together and then take about 30 min to discuss at your tables any questions, observations, or insights about that passage. 

The reason we do this is to help us practice listening and responding to Jesus. 

4. Communion:

To wrap up the experience we share a meal together to remember what Christ has done for us and the life He is calling us to. More than just a cracker and juice, this will feel a lot like a potluck where families bring in food and the church provides the main dish. No fruit cake, promise.

You can check out our podcast beforehand, which gives a glimpse into how we talk about the Bible.

We'd love to see you Sunday.

The Church at Riverstone

Together, led by Jesus.



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