Peanut's closet is a foster care closet that helps to provide basic needs to foster and reunifying families.

Our Story

The vision for Peanut's Closet began in February 2022 out of a simple but urgent need.

A crib was required for a potential new foster child placement. In response, we reached out into our community to ask if anyone owned a crib in good condition they were willing to sell. The response was overwhelming. Several families offered to donate their cribs to help meet the need. In that moment of extreme generosity, Jesus placed something in our hearts. He asked us to create a place where foster families could come and get what they needed to care for the children and youth placed in their care, while simultaneously creating a place where community members could participate on mission with Christ.

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The Living Vertizontal Podcast produced a bonus episode that celebrates God's work through Peanut's Closet during it's first year of ministry.

What we do

"A phone call can change your life. Yesterday the first picture (left) was what was needed. Today the second picture (right) was what was needed. All because of a phone call." - Peanut's Closet Recipient

What a foster parent needs can change in an instant. One moment a foster parent might be asked to host a two-month old baby. Then, with only a few hours notice, be asked instead, to host a set of five-year old twin girls. Sometimes foster children come with several articles of clothing and personal belongings, but many times these children come with only a black trash bag containing a few belongings and clothing items. Peanut's Closet helps to make these transitions smoother for foster families and foster children by providing appropriate furniture, bedding, clothing, and/or other supplies as needed.

Peanut's Closet relies on donations from community businesses and individuals to fund our mission.

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Assistance Process

Peanut's closet is a foster care closet that helps to provide basic needs to foster and reunifying families. 


Submit a completed Peanut's Closet request form.


A Peanut's Closet volunteer will review your request and verify that the closet has your requested items.


We will contact you to set up a pick-up/drop-off time that works for you.

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